History of SugarHouse Custom Covers

SugarHouse Awning & Canvas Products was founded in 1941 by Walter O. Peterson Sr.  The company gets its unique name from the town where it began, SugarHouse, Utah- a small town just outside of Salt Lake City. The company remained there for almost 60 years until the business finally outgrew SugarHouse and moved to a brand new facility in Midvale, Utah in 2000. Since the beginning, SugarHouse Awning has been family owned and operated and remains so today.

SugarHouse has been manufacturing custom covers for over 75 years, specializing in covers for air conditioning units and evaporative coolers. While initially covers were only made for local customers, the advent of the internet has made it possible for SugarHouse to provide quality covers for customers all over the United States and beyond. SugarHouseCustomCovers.com was developed in 2006 to allow customers from across the country to easily purchase custom ac covers directly from SugarHouse.

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